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Coffee Break with Cornelius Minor - Part Two

Part Two

Cornelius Minor is an avid proponent of change, a disrupter for good in my view, and an energetic educator-driven by students rights for access to learning.  If you haven’t heard him speak, then I would strongly encourage you to do so.  This is Part Two of our Coffee Break, continuing our fascinating discussion...  

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Coffee Break with...Aida Allen Rotell

Have you ever met an educator and you thought, "I wish I had them as a teacher." Or "I want my children to have this teacher." For me that person is Aida Allen Rotell.  I've seen her teach, I've seen her present, and presented with her.  She is a fascinating individual!  And very funny.  Aida is a national and internationally recognized Literacy Consultant, whose primary goal is to empower teachers to be intentional, purposeful and positively impact student learning. 

Take a coffee break and a little peak into what drives her in education.

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