About Me

On a warm spring day at Seista Key, Florida.

I guess this is the bit where I should encapsulate all that is literacy in a 10 second elevator pitch, or a zesty soundbite, but it’s not that simple. My multifaceted ecological fascination with literacy and it’s compelling relationship with everyday thinking, cultural and sociological, like a moth to the flame, has always fascinated me, often leaving me with more questions than answers, driving the inquisitive.

I would love to live in a world where all educators never stop evolving, taking risks and growing; stagnation and mediocrity equates to going backwards. Improving the high quality of literacy learning opportunities for all children is vital, which drives me. I hope I have contributed by working with students, educating teachers, developing curriculum and presenting at conferences nationally.

With more than 20 years of teaching and professional development experience in K-16, my interests focus on global competence, literacy instruction with developing and dormant readers and writers, how teacher beliefs and practices mediate learning, coaching novice teachers, and equity in literacy instruction.

When I’m not focused on all things literacy, you can find me exploring nature, photography, out with my incredibly spoiled Border Collie, Jack, or adventuring with my handsome husband.

As a dedicated lifelong teacher committed to highly effective literacy education and working with diverse populations, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, sparks of ideas and knowledge, and a myriad of other things n’ stuff that interest me.