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My Heart Aches for Grand Bahamians

Three weeks ago Hurricane Dorian stalled for 30 hours with winds reaching 200 mph over Grand Bahama resulting in catastrophic destruction to an island already ravaged by Irma in 2017, and Matthew in 2016. Grand Bahama has a special place in my heart because last year, I was an Assistant Professor at the University of The Bahamas (UB) teaching education courses and supervising student teachers. It was fun, interesting, a great learning experience, and an exciting new cultural adventure. And I loved my students!

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The Power of Three

Way back in the 15th century, the aristocratic Italian Borromeo families created a coat of arms. Their coat of arms bears three interconnected rings to show the indissoluble friendship and unity. The removal of one link would break the balance and harmonious relationship.  Nonetheless, I only know this because I was trying to persuade my husband to visit this stunning island, but it wasn’t all bad, as we agreed on Paris. It is interesting to note that this symbolic representation and cohesion is also found in early Buddhism and Viking cultures.

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